Going Green with You Springfield Bathroom Remodel

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On May, 19, 2019

Springfield bathroom remodelCreating an energy efficient and resource-conserving space with your Springfield bathroom remodel can be beneficial to you and the environment.

More and more people are recognizing the importance and the benefits of creating a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly space when remodeling any part of their home. “Going Green” isn’t just good for the environment and your community, but it can also be directly beneficial to you. A more environmentally living space will be safer for you and your family, can help you save money on energy and resources, and may even qualify you for tax rebates.


One of our specialties is bathroom remodeling, and if you’re having your Springfield bathroom remodeled, going green is one of the smartest ways to go. Implementing at least some environmentally friendly features is going to benefit you and your family.


Here are some of the ways you can make your bathroom a greener place:


Non-Toxic Building Materials


When you’re building any walls or fixtures for your Springfield bathroom remodel, using non-toxic building materials will have a positive effect on on your family’s health and the environment. If you’re installing any insulation during the project, insulation derived from soybean or cotton, or any other natural material, will be such safer to handle and install.


Renewable Woods


For any fixtures you’re building out of wood, consider using woods that are rapidly renewable if you’re interested in helping fight against deforestation. Look for woods that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC is an initiative against deforestation. Using woods they’ve approved for your Springfield bathroom remodel will guarantee you’re not harming any forests.


You may also want to consider using cork and bamboo to build any fixtures. These woods are extremely durable and attractive. Plus, they grown much more quickly than, let’s say, an oak tree, which means using them as an alternative will help against deforestation.


Don’t use any Volatile Organic Compounds


Volatile Organic Compounds–or VOCs– are often found in paints and sealants. They are compounds with very low boiling points, which means they’ll evaporate at room temperature into your breathing air. Formaldehyde, for instance, is commonly found in paints, and if you’re not careful it can pollute the air in your home. Check to make sure that any products you use are labeled Low-VOCs or No VOCs. Products with VOCs should only be used in very well ventilated areas, so this is especially a concern in your bathroom.


Install Fixtures that Conserve Water


Dual flush and low-flow toilets can help you conserve about half of the water you’d use with a standard toilet. Standard toilets use about six liters of water for every flush, while low-flow toilets will about three. Dual flush toilets will give you the option of using less of water or choosing a more thorough flush. Low-flow faucets can also make a big difference in your Springfield bathroom remodel, as will low-flow showerheads.


Energy Efficient Lighting


Lighting is responsible for about 14% of the energy used by the average household. So you can cut down a lot of your energy costs just by cutting back on lighting. Energy efficient light fixtures will use less electricity and you won’t need to change the bulbs as often.


Also remember that natural light is 100% cheaper than electric light! Installing a window or sunroof during your Springfield bathroom remodel can be a great move, aesthetically and green-wise.

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