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BlindsWindows cannot simply lay bare, as they would allow too much sunlight in that can damage your furnishes and create uncomfortable brightness. That is why window treatments are an essential part of any interior design. For the most functional, durable and beautiful window coverings, blinds are a great choice. Blinds provide total window coverage, offering full light manipulation and UV protection, while also lending a variety of décor options. Blinds can be made of a number of materials, each with a unique look to add to the design. Joshua Deatherage Builders offers the highest quality blinds on the market as well as expert installation.

We have proudly provided a vast array of remodeling and design services to Springfield since 1997. Our design team is extremely talented and professionally trained to help you determine the right blinds for your space. We offer expert installation at affordable prices and prompt and courteous service on every job. We work with the best blinds manufacturers around, so you can rest assured you always get a superior product from Joshua Deatherage Builders. That is why we are the number one choice in Springfield for blinds.


Window Blinds of All Types

Blinds are a great choice for window covering because they are lightweight and simple to install. They are also very affordable. They can make quite an impact on your interior design and they do so without the need for any construction or complex installation. Blinds are also versatile in that they come in a wide variety of styles that can make customization a breeze.

Real wood blinds, for example, feature rich wood grains that are unique to the type of wood the blinds were made from. Basswood, Poplar, Cedar and Pine are all examples of popular wood types for blinds. These blinds are often finished with a stain to really bring out the wood grains and create an atmosphere of warmth and elegance.

Faux wood blinds are made to mimic real wood but at a more affordable price. Faux wood is made of a composite material so it comes with a vibrant, baked on finish that can be any color you can imagine. Faux wood blinds are also more durable than real wood and moisture resistant. This makes them ideal for moisture rich areas like bathrooms and kitchens and for families with children and pets.

Bamboo blinds offer a naturalistic look as they are made from bamboo, reeds, rattan and other natural elements. They offer moderate light control and privacy but create a relaxing environment that brings a bit of the outdoors inside.

If you would like to explore what blinds could do for your windows, call the blinds experts at Joshua Deatherage Builders for a fee consultation and estimate.


Our Springfield Window Blinds Services

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