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Northwye is a former community located in Phelps county, MO. The name Northwye refers to an intersection north of town that forms a Y shape. Several home are located in the area and the county holds over 45K residents.

Phelps county has a long history of wine making. Vineyards and wineries were established long ago by Italian immigrants who settled in Rolla. Beginning in the early 1960’s, the vineyards were revived, even winning national and international tasting awards.*

Many buildings in Northwye and surrounding areas have been remodeled or restored. Historically designated, these old buildings have been brought into current times with professional remodeling techniques.

If you own an older structure in the area, you understand how these older materials need delicate handling during renovations. Remodeling historic properties and Home Building is a service provided by our experts at Joshua Deatherage Builders, LLC.

We are located in Springfield and have provided quality services to Northwye and surrounding area residents for nearly twenty years. At Joshua Deatherage Builders, LLC, our service men and women can take care of your every need when it comes to remodeling your old historic properties. We have extensive experience handling these older materials and can restore your building to it’s original glory.

With us, you’ll never need to worry about hiring separate services for each of your systems. Whether it’s HVAC installation or replacement, plumbing, or electrical, we provide you with a team that’s fully qualified and ready to work on your project. All you need do is contact us for any service you need for your home improvement or building project, and we’ll handle it from start to finish.

New Home Builders in Northwye

We are a design and build company which means we start from the beginning and work all the way through to the end. We will finish your project within time and budget so that you can get back to normalcy as soon as possible.

Our design team is the best in the industry and can help you to create the home you’ve always wanted to live in.

HVAC Services in Northwye

We have a team of ready HVAC technicians that are fully licensed, trained, and certified individuals with years of experience in the industry. We can install complete new systems or replace your current unit.

Spring is just around the next bend, so be sure your air conditioning system is ready for when you need it most. We can provide you with replacement services or install an entirely new HVAC unit for you.



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