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Newburg, Missouri is a small city located within Phelps County. In 2010, the population was listed as 470 according to the U.S. Census. While the city of Newburg is small, the county of Phelps boasts over 45,000 residents.

Winemaking has and probably always will be a major undertaking in the county. Vineyards and wineries were established by Italian immigrants in rolla, and since the ’60’s, they have revived many vineyards in Missouri with some winning national and international tasting awards.*

Remodeling and Home Building in Newburg and surrounding areas has been going on for some time and many of the historic buildings and homes have been renovated.

Joshua Deatherage Builders, LLC is located in Springfield and has provided quality services to Newburg and surrounding area residents since 1997.

At Joshua Deatherage Builders, LLC, all of our employees go through a background check and are well trained. We are experienced general contractors that provide both new home construction and remodeling services in Missouri. You’ll only need to contact us for any service you need for your home improvement or building project.

New Home Builders in Newburg

From ground up, we are a design and build company that provides quality home construction in the Newburg area. Our team includes expert designers and architects along with experienced construction contractors that will create a complete custom home tailored to your needs.

We provide the best in the industry design team for your project and our professionals will help you create the features in your new home that you desire. Custom design and build is no problem for our expert team, and you’ll never have to worry about working with separate companies to get what you need.

Remodeling & Additions in Newburg

Remodeling and room additions are an equally important part of our business. Our customers know that when they need to make their living space more comfortable, they can count on our experienced team of remodelers.

If you’ve been dreaming of adding on to your home, or changing it to suit your family needs, remodeling is often the best answer. Whether you need an additional bathroom or want to makeover your basement, we can give you the space with our professional remodeling services.

HVAC Services in Newburg

Heating and air conditioning installation and replacement isn’t something that most remodelers can handle. Normally, a separate company has to handle different aspects of a home’s operating systems, such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and HVAC specialists.

Since we are a full service company, we also provide these services when we work with our valued customers in Missouri. Our technicians are fully licensed, trained, and certified individuals that have all the experience you need for quality HVAC installations or replacements. Just one call to our team and all your construction needs can be met.



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