Gorgeous & Inviting Log Homes

log-homesLog homes will always have a timeless and elegant appeal. Whether you want to build a vacation getaway or you would like to make your log house a permanent residence, the professional team at Joshua Deatherage Builders has been building superior structures for homeowners since 1997. We specialize in our custom wood work and your log home is no exception. We select only the finest materials to build your log home because our standard is excellence. We work closely with you to build a home that combines elements from nature with new technology to create a stylish but rustic look and feel that will always greet you with warmth that other building materials can’t compare with.

At Joshua Deatherage Builders our builders are professionally trained and they possess the knowledge and tools necessary to precisely build the perfect log home for you in a timely fashion. When we take on a job, we are fast and effective, taking careful steps to be safe and minimize missteps. We always clean up our work area and when the job is done, the only thing we leave behind is a gorgeous log home. When you work with Joshua Deatherage Builders you experience what it is like to work with a true professional and that is why we are the preferred log home builders in Springfield.

The Perfect Permanent Residence or Home Away from Home

Building a log home requires careful planning. Most of the time, log homes are built in heavily wooded areas – not so much in the suburbs. Because of this, the land must either be leveled out or your home will have some very interesting bumps and unevenness. We can help you plan out the new layout for your log home to the slightest detail. We know what an undertaking this is, especially for such a specialized type of building. Your home has to be comfortable to you or else it was a needless waste of time and money. We work on keeping as much of the wooded property around you preserved to provide ample shading and privacy for your family.

Log cabins were originally built with little to no window space because the base of a log cabin provides great insulation. It is with the addition of windows that the natural; insulation begins to falter. We use all of the latest industry techniques to bring modern insulating practices in to play for your log home as well as state of the art climate control so your home will be comfortable all year long. Call us today to start planning your wonderful log home. Nothing can compare to the feeling of calling such a naturally beautiful structure your permanent residence and we would be honored to be a part of the process.

Our Springfield Log Home Services

  • Log Home Design
  • Log Home Construction
  • Log Home Insulation
  • Land Development for Your Log Home

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